Friends of Florence Street Quiz: Answers

Submitted by Ben Pritchard on Mon, 03/03/2014 - 15:47

For those of you who found the quiz on the Friends of Florence Street Facebook page, here are the answers to the quiz questions: 1. 30 Florence Street, near the junction of Ethel Street 2. A stone ball. There was a ball on each of the gate posts to the yard from Ethel Street, too. All have been removed, sadly. 3. 30/32 Florence Street. 4. No. The Bond is referring to the former Bonded Warehouse that used to be in this building, 34 Florence Street 5. It was presumably a dog, but I don't know what breed. Any suggestions for when we get it repaired? 6. These steps go up from Florence St to Chermside St. There are 38 steps up, and four down the other side. Or is it four up and 38 down.... 7. It is a Telstra junction 'box' 8. Australian Mercantile Land and Finance Company Limited (London Woolstore) 9. South East Queensland Electricity Board, now Energex. It is the label on the gate to a substation at the side of the Winchcombe Carson Woolstore. 10. It is a Monier Tower, which ventilates a sewer/drain. It is 110 years old this year. 11. The wall is made of Brisbane Tuff, or Porphyyr. It is at 27 Florence Street, Joan Sparkes' house. 12. It is the Cannery, at the corner of Dath and Florence Streets 13. It is outside the doctors' surgery at 29 Florence Street No prizes for getting them correct; keep your eye on the Facebook page for more trivia and quizzes. Ben Pritchard