November 2017 Meeting Agenda

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Below is the November Agenda together with the list of questions put to the candidates standing for the seat of McConnel.

Meeting on Wednesday 15 November 2017 commencing at 7:00pm, at the Shed, 29 Macquarie Street (opposite Hastings Street), Teneriffe

Item 1. Welcome and apologies for absences
Item 2. Minutes of October 2017 meeting and Matters Arising
Item 3. Memberships and subscriptions
Item 4. Correspondence and Media

Item 5. Updates on outstanding issues
Trees in Vernon Terrace
Traffic Study by BCC
Riverwalk works

Item 6. Proposed and current Developments
Item 7. TPA initiatives and projects: Teneriffe Trails
Item 8. TPA initiatives and projects: Per cent for Public Realm.

Item 9. TPA initiatives and projects: Audit of publicly accessible spaces

Item 10. State Government Election Candidates: Questions and Discussion

Item 11. Any other business
Item 12. Next Meeting Date: Wednesday 21 February 2018

Please note that this is the last meeting for 2017, and as is customary, we invite those attending to bring along a bottle and a glass (we have plastic) to join with the committee and the others in a Seasonal drink.

Candidates for McConnel

Teneriffe Progress Association is holding its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday 15 November, at the usual venue, the Shed, 29 Macquarie Street, Teneriffe, beginning at 7:00pm.

On behalf of TPA, I invite you all to attend the meeting and to engage in a discussion with members of TPA about what you would do, if elected, to address certain issues affecting Teneriffe and its population. In order to keep the discussion as fair and reasonable as possible, please could you answer the following series of questions? If you are unable to attend the meeting, your answers can be submitted in writing - to be read out by the President of TPA during the meeting. It would be appreciated if you were all able to attend the meeting and provide your answers verbally. In any case, please limit each of your answers to two minutes in length.

Question 1.

TPA has previously requested that TransLink permit pets, accompanied by their owners, to travel on the mono-hull ferry between Teneriffe and Bulimba. TPA accepts that pets may still be banned from using CityCat services, thus providing a service for passengers with allergies and phobias of pets. Notwithstanding this provision, TransLink has responded that its state-wide ban of pets on all public transport does not permit this to happen. Would you support the TPA request of TransLink and lobby to have it review its stated position with regard to the carriage of pets on the Teneriffe to Bulimba ferry service?

Question 2.

The so-called sharing economy is clearly here to stay. What is your position in relation to Airbnb and short-term letting of apartments in multi-unit residential buildings? Should Airbnb be banned or restricted by State legislation? Should bodies corporate be able to impose bans, restrictions and regulations to license, limit or control the volume of Airbnb, or short-term letting of apartments?

Question 3.

Do you agree that the state Planning legislation has lost a good deal of credibility in recent years, and become too 'flexible' and overly influenced by developers and the 'top end of town? How would you act to redress the imbalance in the Planning system and provide local communities and individuals with more confidence and certainty in the Planning system?

Question 4.

Teneriffe has the finest concentration of Heritage buildings in the state. What would you do to better protect the heritage environment of Teneriffe?

Question 5.

The suburbs adjoining Teneriffe are experiencing significant growth, which adds to pressure on the infrastructure, particularly the roads, of those areas and Teneriffe, also. What would you do to counter the increasing strain on the road infrastructure in Teneriffe?