Proposed Meeting 18 November?

Submitted by Ken Hoy on Wed, 11/11/2020 - 18:09

Dear Members,

While TPA acknowledges the significant progress everyone in the State has made towards effectively controlling the spread of COVID19, holding a physical meeting of TPA might present some risk of transmission of the virus.

In light of this, would members prefer that TPA issue a newsletter or 'progress report' that replaces a physical meeting and the verbal update of progress and the current position of TPA on all matters of interest?

If you would prefer to receive a written update or newsletter, rather than attend a meeting and receive minutes of the meeting (which may well amount to the same thing), please let us know by replying to this via email or Facebook post, with a simple 'newsletter' or 'meeting' response by the end of the week (Sunday night).

TPA will let members know on Monday if there will be a meeting on Wednesday evening, or if a newsletter will be issued instead."